Hotter Lamborghini Urus Ferrari wants to destroy the Purasangur party

The arrival of the Urus SUV changed the fortunes of Lamborghini, and it was such a huge hit that the automaker did not feel the need to dare to take the package four years after launch. But as Ferrari prepares to release its own Purosangue crossover later this year, Lamborghini knows it’s time to refresh Urus.

And that refresh will include a warmer Urus variant designed to sit on top of a regular SUV, which will update itself and be given an Evo tag applied to facelifted Huracans. This is according to our spy photographers, who recently snatched Urus from snowy Scandinavia while exploring a dry road in Germany.

The prototype has replaced its 15-spoke wheels for a more conventional set of five-spoke rims with a hexagonal motif, but still seems to be wearing winter tires, which will no doubt show the improved cornering capabilities of the stiffer suspension at its best.

Also visible thanks to the almost complete lack of camouflage are the new front and rear bumper designs we first saw in January when Lamborghini peeled off the heavy camouflage, and which seems to be inspired by the styling details of the new track-ready Huracan technique. .

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The horizontal grille vans on the front bumper are now simpler and have lost the shape of their tuning fork, while the rear bumper has vents behind each wheel arch that can be used to draw unwanted air pressure from the wheelchair. Or they could be completely fake. Another notable visual upgrade is the hood, which creates a pair of long vents below the ribs that form the V-section of the hood.

Ferrari has confirmed that the Purosangue will get a V12 engine, but Lamborghini will not land on its V10 or V12 motor facelifted Urus, or any of its high-performance versions. Instead, it will further massage the existing 4.0-liter V8 to increase power from the current 641 hp (650 PS) tune state. And with Aston Martin’s newly released range-topping DBX707 producing 697 hp (707 PS), it’s a fair bet Lamborghini would like to go even higher.

Ferrari is expected to release Purosangue later this year, and we expect Lamborghini to do its best to divert attention from its rival’s big news by unveiling the Urus update at the same time. And looking further, refreshed Urus SUVs will be paired with a long-awaited PHEV variant that could be even more powerful – sources suggest 808 hp (819 PS) as a possible figure – in line with Lamborghini’s promise to electrify the entire range by 2024.

Photo Credit: S. Baldauf / SB-Median

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