How does the manual 2023 compare to Toyota GR Supra GR86?

If you are in the market for a sports car with a six-speed manual transmission from Toyota, do you need to buy the updated Supra 3.0 or the new GR 86?

To answer this question, Top Gear recently went out on both a circuit and a road and gave the two in their motion. This review provides us with one of the first opportunities to see if the Toyota Supra nailed it with its stick shift or if the car was fit for a wait of about three years.

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Toyota Supra did not borrow a manual from BMW to create this new look. Instead, it took an existing transmission housing and modified it extensively, made it lighter, and installed a larger diameter clutch with a stronger diaphragm spring. Toyota has also shortened the final drive ratio and created a unique software package that optimizes engine torque at the moment of clutch engagement. During this review of the car, Oli Marriage of Top Gear adds that Toyota has even experimented with different gear new weights, finally choosing one weighing 200 grams.

While inspecting the car, Marriage admits that it is actually the most enjoyable supra variant to drive but the car did not win.

How do you compare the much cheaper and less powerful GR 86? Obviously, it’s not as fast as Supra but it does offer a very engaging package and lots of fun to drive, as we discovered in our own review a long time ago. It also offers a much easier and more crude driving experience than the Supra. If you want a rear-wheel drive sports car where you can have a lot of fun driving, this is the GR 86 that you should choose, not the Supra – it also has the advantage of significantly lower cost.

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