Impatient Porsche cuts the Panamara driver trucker, gets rear-ended

There are some things that crush our gears a lot like impatient drivers, especially when they cause such stupid crashes.

Dashcam footage recently shared Reddit Captured shows a truck driver going down a two-lane road when, suddenly, a silver Porsche is spotted by Panamera.

Even though it was a two-lane road, the Panamanian driver thought it would be best to try to overtake the truck. We can’t get inside the guy’s head but suspect he wasn’t happy with the speed of the traffic around him.

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In the video, he is seen pulling alongside the trucker but then notices that the black estate in front of him brakes to allow a woman to cross at a pedestrian crossing. When the Porsche driver was able to avoid the rear end of the estate, he headed straight for the truck, without giving the trucker time to respond. The truck ended up hitting the rear bumper of the Panamera.

It is interesting to see what happened after the accident because the pedestrian who witnessed the whole incident is seen explaining to the driver of the Porsche that he was responsible for the accident after he went in front of the truck. The Porsche driver, meanwhile, looks quite frustrated and, based on his hand gestures, seems to be blaming the trucker.

Outside of this, as an example of what can happen when you are impatient, it is also seen that just a few seconds after the accident, the driver of the Porsche was confused, he got out of the car and was seen talking on his phone.

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