Jaguar deletes all Instagram posts, teasing XJR-9 related premieres for June 1st

Jaguar deleted the entire collection of posts from 2012 to 2022 on its official Instagram account, leaving only three close-up shots of the XJR-9 racer that won the 1988 24 Hours of Le Mans. The bold move – something certain celebrities do after a breakup or during their spiritual awakening – could signal a major shift in the automaker’s marketing strategy, even before the EV becomes a brand in 2025. More importantly, the Jaguar SV has unraveled a mysterious event That model will premiere June 1.

The subsequent deletion only affected Jaguar’s flagship Instagram profile, which has 12.6 million followers, with smaller Jaguar UK and Jaguar USA accounts retaining all of their content. Three images of the Jaguar XJR-9 with “Prologue”, “Genesis” and “Flashback” notes posted on the Jaguar SV account, an additional teaser showing an SVR branded steering wheel and the mysterious premiere announcement.

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Administrators on Jaguar’s Instagram account were mysterious when answering fans’ questions, “Something so lively”, or “No clue – check back tomorrow”. Falling in line, Jaguar may announce a return to the iconic endurance race after a 32-year absence, although the British carmaker showed no signs of joining the crowded LMDH division. A more logical scenario is a special version of a particular model with an XJR-9 themed version – or an idea car – designed by the Special Vehicles category.

Jaguar will not release a new production model until 2025, when it will become all-electric. Today, the range includes XE and XF sedans, E-Pace and F-Pace SUVs, F-Type sportscars and fully electric I-Pace. The future lineup will be based on a new EV-dedicated platform called Panthera. The mysterious premiere for June 1 will probably bring an accurate ICE, as there is still some time left before Jaguar retires its beautiful sound V8.

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