Jaguar Land Rover has launched a ‘own, subscribe, rent’ program in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover is now offering consumers three ways to enjoy and experience its models through the new ‘On’. Subscribe. Rental program.

Both the Jaguar and Land Rover websites have been updated to allow customers to own, subscribe or rent a JLR product. If consumers want to buy a car, they can configure their new model, choose the engine, specification and choose between different options. Jaguar Land Rover offers a variety of payment options, including financing

Jaguar and Land Rover websites have been updated to include a document portal that securely holds customer files, such as proof of identity. These documents can be shared with retailers to make transactions as smooth as possible. After purchasing a new car online, customers can take a complete, personal handover and overview of the car to have it delivered to their home or with an expert in the showroom.

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Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Pivotal’ program offers a flexible subscription service. For those who want to subscribe to a new Jaguar or Land Rover model, a single monthly payment is used for rent, insurance, tax, servicing and repairs, meaning customers only have to worry about paying for their fuel or electricity. Different membership levels are available and members can retain their membership on a monthly basis. Those who subscribe to a car through the Pivotal program can change their car every six months. Membership in the UK starts at £ 850 (1,070) per month.

The third and final option is rent. The service is currently only available in London and Manchester and allows users to select and book a rental Jaguar Land Rover model online and have it delivered to their door.

Rodon Glover, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK, said in a statement: “We strive to be at the forefront of the latest innovations through a rigorous digital transformation and are a key part of that journey to bring our customers the luxury of choice. We now have a market-leading online experience that provides the ultimate convenience and confidence in the right way for Jaguar and Land Rover customers. “

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