Jaguar Land Rover is celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a 26-car show

Jaguar Land Rover joins Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations as the United Kingdom celebrates the Queen’s 70th birthday on the throne.

During the upcoming Platinum Jubilee pageant on June 5, no less than 26 Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be on display. These will include two Maharaj’s Land Rover Defenders and the historically important Jaguar E-Type. This will include a Bespoke 1965 Series 1 E-Type Roadster that has recently been restored and is given a metallic blue color scheme inspired by the Union Jack flag.

Various other vehicles including James Bond’s Jaguar XKR will participate in this event Die another day As well as from various Land Rover Wearing from the sky And No time to die. The competition will include the first Land Rover to be unveiled at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, an F-Pace electric hybrid and an i-Pace from the E-Trophy Racing series.

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Chris Thorpe, Chief of Staff of Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, head of the Commonwealth, patron of more than 600 charities, as well as a mother, grandmother and granddaughter, the Queen is an outstanding role model and we are delighted to celebrate with her today.”

Land Rover will give the British Red Cross a new Defender 130 that will support its operations across the UK. The British Red Cross will be modified to best serve before going into SUV service.

“We are delighted to have Defender 130 and look forward to working with the Land Rover team to fix it in the coming months,” said Chris Davis, Head of Crisis Response at the British Red Cross. “Produced as the longest version of this vehicle, we will be able to use the enhanced capabilities to incorporate new and unique features that will better support our emergency response and ambulance support work. Give freedom to those affected by the situation and the disaster. ”

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