John Cena is out on his 600 HP LS-Swapped 1969 MGC ​​GT

John Cena has taken delivery of a restored MG which has more performance than the bucket original.

Cena’s classic sports car began life as the 1969 MGC ​​GT, which distinguished itself from the standard ‘B’ by featuring a six-cylinder engine instead of the standard (and weaker) four-cylinder.

The body kit is so delicate that you won’t notice it unless you look closely, but the huge fender flares become apparent when you get a glimpse of an original model. The original MG’s torsion beam suspension was removed for a Mustang II setup at the front and a four-link setup at the rear, with a coilover all around for compatibility.

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Below the hood is a 6.2-liter LS V8 from Chevrolet, followed by an aftermarket with separate throttle body and chrome-plated trumpet. The engine is good for 600 horsepower, which is a lot more for a car that weighs just 2,100 pounds (952 kg). The engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

The rest of the engine bay has been shaved for a clean look, and the body’s bright orange paint with baby blue is reminiscent of the classic Porsche and bay levers found in Ford race cars.

The paint scheme continues on the inside, featuring blue seats with orange piping. Almost nothing remains of the 1969 interior, all replaced with modern, exquisite, touches. Cena was worried about fitting with a smaller sports car, because he was not only a tall man, but also a wide one.

Obviously, there are convertible versions of the MG, but they don’t look as great as the GT models. To try to fit Cena, the seats were moved backwards and the paddles moved forward. Cena wore a suit specifically for expression so that one could enter and exit anytime and anywhere, and the tiny British beauty passed the test with flying colors. In fact, Cena was so impressed with the results that he decided to gift the store with another project: a Bugatti Type 57C replica.

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