Koenig’s Fat Bottom 1987 Opel Cadet GSI is a rare unicorn

Koenig is known for the widebody conversion of high-end models such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes, but has also done some work on models from German tuner mainstream manufacturers. A great example is this rare 1987 Opel Cadet GSI that made quite a dramatic visual change.

For our young audience, the cadet is Astra’s grandfather. The illustrated example is based on a three-door hatchback Cadet E, and more specifically the top-of-the-range GSi variant. However, due to the redesigned body panels and non-stock taillights, it is difficult to identify it as Opel, since only the upper part of the body remains unchanged.

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The Koenig Bodykit features an aerodynamic front bumper with a prominent chin, a completely redesigned tail with rectangular taillights, a rear wing and signature wide front and rear fender add-ons. The latter merged with bodywork with the wrong side vent inspired by the Ferrari Testarosa which was one of the iconic supercars of the 80’s. Finally, a unique set of wheels is shown on the ultra-wide tires that look like they came from the rear axle of the supercar.

The exterior may get the most attention, but the cabin has also received multiple upgrades. Inside you’ll find a retro-flavored digital instrument cluster as well as a leather-wrapped bucket seat, a Momo steering wheel, a Sparko-branded tradeplate, and a floor mat.

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The Opel Kadett GSi is fitted with a naturally coveted 2.0-liter 16-valve four-cylinder producing 156 hp (115 kW / 158 PS) and 203 Nm (150 lb-ft) of torque. We saw some pretty wild powertrain changes in the cadets, but no mention in the list so we guess the engine remained in stock. The current owner has a problem with the back and didn’t feel comfortable driving, so it may feature tighter suspension than the factory-spec model.

The odometer reads 177,170 km (110,088 miles) but unfortunately, the cadet service does not come with the record. Nevertheless, the inspection proved that it is in very good condition both mechanically and cosmetically, with minimal signs of wear despite age.

The tuned hot hatch is listed for sale on Catawiki. Located in Spain, where the original owner bought it anew in 1987, the bodykit was retrofitted in 1990. According to the list, this is one of the three Koenig-buddy cadets in Spain, and we have no data on this. In the rest of Europe, this is certainly a very rare visit.

The auction will close on June 2, so there is plenty of time to bid. If you are thinking about the cost of this rare cadet, it is estimated to get between € 23,100 ($ 24,792) and € 25,500 ($ 27,367).

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