Lamborghini trademark Revuelto name, could it indicate a future electric model?

Lamborghini has filed for trademark in Europe under the name Revuelto. Although we don’t know what it is for, it’s a dramatic departure from almost every Lamborghini model bullfighting theme of the past.

The first thing people saw on CarBuzz was that the Italian automaker had trademarked the name with the Italian Trademark Office as well as the European Union Intellectual Property Office. At the time of writing, no trademark application has been filed in the United States.

The filing reveals that Lamborghini intends to apply the trademark to four main categories of products. Class 12 focuses entirely on vehicles, including electric vehicles, while other classes focus on ancillary products.

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The Spanish word revuelto is most directly translated scrambled but can also mean restless or restless. So, if we’re missing something here, why would Lamborghini be willing to break with tradition and name a new car that is probably not involved in bullfighting? One possibility is that the brand could use the name to indicate the turbulent or erratic nature of its first all-electric supercar – although at the moment it is only speculation.

Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkleman has publicly stated that an all-electric model will be unveiled before the All-Electric Urus comes on the market. It plans to release that EV sometime in the second half of this decade. At this stage an idea may be just as possible.

In the past, Lamborghini Aventador and even Egoista have squeezed his hand by trademarking the model name of the concept car. To our ears, Revuelto doesn’t sound too bad, but we are definitely interested to see what it will be used for.

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