Land Rover 2023 Defender launches 130 configurators, priced at 119,575

Land Rover unveiled its new, extended-length Defender 130 yesterday, and already interested American customers can offer their own build and price. With its new configuration, the Automaker has revealed both the customizability of the SUV and the cost of each trim.

Although Land Rover said that Defender 130S would start at 68,000, we now know that Defender 130 SE starts at 78,300, Defender 130X-Dynamic SE starts at $ 81,400, Defender 130 first edition costs $ 84,700, and finally $ 99,900 to 130X (all Price $ 1,350 excluding delivery fee).

All come with a Land Rover 3.0-liter inline-six that produces 395 hp (295 kW / 400 PS) except the Defender S. It is powered by a 3.0-liter I6, but it produces only 296 hp (221 kW / 300 PS) for duty on the base model.

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The new model is an enhanced version of the Defender 90 and 110 variants. At 210.9 inches (5,358 mm) in length, it is 13.2-inches (340 mm) longer than those models and because of this it gets an extra row of seats. Although importantly, the approach and breakover angle remain unchanged, only the exit angle suffers slightly due to the extra length.

In an effort to raise the price of the premium SUV, we’ve created a Defender X with a, 4,800 Explorer pack that adds midflaps, wheel arch protection, a raised air intake, a side-mounted gear carrier and more. We’ve added several black exterior accents, as well as $ 2,200, 22-inch glossy black wheels. On the inside, there wasn’t much more to add to the price of the well-appointed model, although we decided that the front center console refrigerator sounds like a decent addition.

With a few more accessories like WiFi, a towing package, and some fancy wheel nuts যদিও though, the funny thing is, smokers no longer have to pay for the package আমরা we’ve been able to push the car up to 9 119,575. (Including delivery fee).

But with this extra-long, eight-seater we’re getting stupid. If you build one to take home, how do you build it? Check it out for yourself Here is the configuration of Land Rover And let us know in the comments.

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