Listen to Ferrari Purosangue and its V12 for the very first time

While the Ferrari Purosangue will soon enter the growing market for luxury and high-performance SUVs, it will do so with the key point of difference between it and all its competitors; A naturally ambitious V12.

Ferrari has confirmed that its first SUV will launch with a V12 earlier this month, and a handful of prototypes have been shot near the company’s Italian headquarters, which will be the first time we’ve heard the full glory of the V12.

The technical features of the V12 that will power the Purosangue have not yet been confirmed, but it will probably be similar to the 6.5-liter unit that powers the 812 Superfast, although it fits better with the SUV. Given that Ferrari’s V12 can comfortably produce more than 800 hp, it seems inevitable that the Purosangue could easily surpass the current Lamborghini Urus, which is limited to 650 hp.

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In March, Ferrari released a teaser image for Purosangue. This figure confirms that the SUV will have a dramatic front end with striking headlights and LED daytime running lights. It also features a large grill and air intake game. Previous leaked images of the rear end of the Purosangue show that it will have a 296 GTB-like taillight as well as a rocking quad exhaust pipe and a pronounced diffuser.

Although we know that Purosangue will launch with a V12, it looks like a number of different engine options will be offered. One possibility is the 296 GTB hybrid powertrain that can pump a combined 819 hp with a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 with an electric motor.

Ferrari will unveil the Purosangue later this year and it will likely land in early 2023.


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