Lucid thus manages to maximize space in the air

Building a car manufacturer from the ground up and launching a manufacturing vehicle is not easy, both high-quality and attractive. As such, the Lucid deserves a lot of credit for doing this, although its luxurious air sedan is a new recall.

While Lucid Air has made headlines for its performance, class-leading range, and luxurious interior, carmakers are particularly proud of how it has been able to package sedans. A new video details Lucid’s ‘Space Concept’.

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The video was presented by Peter Rollinson, founder and CEO of Lucid, who explained how the air was packaged and how Lucid was able to make the interior so spacious without having to build a car to look like a giant limousine.

In creating the air, Rollinson said Lucid spent enough time to extend the cabin as far forward as possible, with special emphasis on keeping the driver’s and front passenger’s legs as close to the front wheels as possible. Allowing Lucid to achieve this is the Air’s advanced platform and its innovative front crash structure. The lack of an engine and transmission also helps. At the same time, Lucid pushes the H-point of the rear-seat passengers as far back as possible. The result is that anyone can sit 6’6 “in front and someone can sit 6’7” in the back, without having any problems.

During the clip, Rawlinson also explains the complex front assembly of Lucid Air. The bumper is made of lightweight aluminum and molded black plastic and features many radars, cameras and a 120-degree solid state LiDAR. The bumper also has two rotating ducts that carry air to the two front radiators.

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