Lynk & Co’s Next Day Concept Debuts as a Futuristic Four-Door GT

Lynk & Co launched their next day idea using their Spring / Summer Conference.

Billed as a new Energy Four-Door GT, the concept includes an AG front fascia with vertical lighting units as well as a hidden sensor in a low “tech band” with a driven cover.

Going further back, we see a tent-like greenhouse, aerodynamic wheels, and streamlined bodywork. They are joined by an illuminated fender accent and a dynamic shoulder line that splits into a Y-shape in the middle of the back door. Other notable highlights include a panoramic glass roof as well as doors that open upwards and outwards.

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Outside, The Next Day is equipped with minimal taillights attached by a thin illuminated stripe. The concept has an aggressive rear bumper and an upper part that acts as a spoiler.

The Lynk & Co doesn’t say much about the interior, but it does have a yoke-style steering wheel with an integrated display. It is paired with a minimalist dashboard, a widescreen infotainment system and a velvet-covered zero gravity front seat. We can also see a floating center console and what looks like a wooden trim.

The concept clearly outlines Lynk & Co’s new styling direction, and Car News China reports that it has an e-motive powertrain that uses an engine to power the front wheels, as well as an electric motor to power the rear wheels. This setup apparently enables the concept to act as a hybrid and an EV

Although many details are missing in the translation, a promotional video suggests that the concept features features facial recognition technology, autonomous driving technology and a head-up display.

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