Man Key caught in Tesla and Sentry mode, doesn’t end up in police custody

A man recently spent some time in the Alameda parking lot in California trying to get the keys to multiple vehicles. Unfortunately for him though, one of those cars was a Tesla with Sentry mode. Shortly after the car was damaged by an integrated Tesla camera system, he was captured by police.

Featuring the first feature on the YouTube channel WhamBamTeslaCam, the story begins with a random, yet anonymous man walking past a white Tesla wearing a ballcap and mask and holding the key. What’s even more weird is that the same person comes back soon after. When he does, it feels like he’s doing his hand-made damage.

He is testing to see how deep the scratch is or trying to show it in such a way that it is not something very fresh which we cannot be sure of. What we do know is that he repeats the process several times and seems to be clearing the surface of Tesla before leaving the scene again.

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Oddly enough he comes back, this time in a slightly different outfit and we get a chance to see that he actually parked just two places away from Tesla. He was caught on camera by Tesla as he turned around in the car, this time without a mask. As he walked past the driver of the car, he actually grabbed the keys to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sitting next to him.

At that point, the man returned to his 2018 Cadillac XT5 and drove off. Not seeing the footage shortly after it happened, the Tesla owner had the idea that the culprit might still be in the parking lot and sure enough, that was it. Once the culprit is found, the Tesla owner calls the police and shows the video at the scene.

Shortly afterwards, the vandalism was in police custody and charges were filed against the Tesla owner; For the loss of Tesla, it ended up with a total of $ 4,800. Yet, this is not an isolated incident. There are several videos online of people damaging Tesla cars and being caught in sentry mode.

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