Manhart preview tuned with Audi RS3 Sportback and sedan 493 HP

The last generation of the Audi RS3 is one of the fastest and most powerful models in the compact segment but tuners have proven that there is always room for improvement. Thus, Manhart previewed a tuning package for both bodystyle flavors of the new RS3, focusing on performance.

The stock RS3 is powered by a turbocharged five-cylinder 2.5-liter engine that produces 394 HP (294 kW / 400 PS) in Europe and 401 HP (299 kW / 407 PS) in the United States. Thanks to the addition of the MHtronik Powerbox module, Manhart has taken those figures to an even more impressive 493 HP (368 kW / 500 PS). The tuner did not announce detailed specifications, but we are sure that additional ponies will have a positive effect on performance, potentially improving the already impressive 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) acceleration which is completed in 3.8 seconds. Right from the factory.

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The first Manhart RS3 500 is not yet complete, so Wuppertal-based tuners have released a set of rendering to show what it will look like. Apparently, the RS 3’s factory body kit was already quite aggressive, with extensive air intake and a sculpted fender. Thus, Manhart limits his input to a gold decal set, where stripes and accents bring out the look of a racer.

Decorating aside, the Manhart RS3 has got a new set of black 20-inch concave one alloy wheels. In addition, the active suspension has been reduced, bringing both the hatchback and the sedan closer to the ground for a more implanted look and handling. Finally, the new stainless steel exhaust system with valve control will deliver more rich sound while retaining the signature dual oval tailpipes of the RS model.

Manhart is taking pre-orders for tuning packages from existing RS 3 owners who want to make their hot hatch or performance sedan more spicy.

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