Maybach designs super expensive sunglasses made of gold, titanium and horn

Gordon Wagner, Mercedes-Benz’s chief design officer, is a man of many talents. So he decided to flex his versatile muscles with a new non-automotive project created in partnership with Mebach Icons of Luxury.

Wagener designed a rather futuristic pair of sunglasses. Named after the creator, they are made of fancy, exotic materials such as titanium, platinum, gold and Asian water buffalo horns.

“The Creator, the glasses created in close collaboration with Maybach Icons of Luxury, combines the highest level of craftsmanship with exclusive, durable materials. The design combines technical precision and luxurious lightness,” said Wegner.

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Although no explanation is required for the use of the first few materials, the water buffalo horns were supplied by IVKO, a company that has been working with natural horns since 1978.

Commonly found in farming communities, Asian water buffaloes are understanding animals that are respected in their communities. Fortunately, animals do not need to be slaughtered for their horns, and the bigger they get, the more beautiful and valuable their horns will be.

The horn can be processed in several colors and, in fact, the Creator glasses will be offered in 10s. If you want horn in amber color, the glasses come with gold mirrored lenses, in matte black they get dark gray lenses, while cream / green marble lenses are offered with a green gradient. All these bridges come with 22k gold plating.

Models with Rose Gold Bridge, meanwhile, may have gray matte natural horns with gray gradient lenses or cream color frames with Rose Gold lenses (although these are limited editions). The glasses can be paired with platinum ornaments and are offered in matte black, cream or marble blue.

The overall shape of the glasses, meanwhile, is thought to be a reference to Maybach’s vehicle. They feature rounded corners and flowing aesthetics which, according to Mercedes, “symbolizes the most exclusive model”. The gold or platinum-plated bridge, meanwhile, takes its inspiration from a Maybach’s grill.

Luxury has always been our soul – and it is constantly evolving. The creator embodies our desire for luxury and beauty and the uniqueness outside the car and symbolizes the brand’s innovative demands, “explained Wagner.

Available from the summer of 2022, the glasses will be sold at luxury retailers’ approved Maybach Icons, with prices ranging from $ 2,880 to $ 3,590.

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