Mercedes-AMG GT Limited Edition Stroller will get your baby rolling in style

Did you know that the Mercedes-AMG branding is also used in a series of high-end strollers in collaboration with Hartan? Inspired by the popularity of limited edition specials in the automotive world, Hartan and AMG have released a special version of the AMG GT pushchair that will be produced in only 299 units worldwide.

Harton said the stroller was built in close consultation with the Mercedes-Benz design department. Like the actual AMG GT, the Hominimas Stroller features a great set of AMG cross-spoke rims and dynamic upholstery for seat inlets. Compared to the previous stroller of the AMG collection, the special edition Jacquard fabric hood has an AMG pattern on the black background, which matches the premium folding bag that comes with it.

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AMG branding can be found on both sides of the aluminum frame and in the form of a reflective thread in the folded pocket. In addition, the special edition comes with an original AMG symbol – used on vehicles – so that your child can exercise their right to brag from an early age. Finally, the black leather look for the handles with red topstitching will raise some eyebrows.

Like all Hartan models, the AMG GT has storage pockets for your personal items, such as a lockable swivel wheel, suspension, a handbrake, a foldable canopy, an adjustable seat unit, and a smartphone, key, wallet, water bottle, and more.

If you’re interested in an AMG GT pushchair, you’ll be able to find it in selected baby stores starting July 2022. We have no pricing information, but due to the limited availability of the special edition, we suspect that it will be 7 Must be more expensive than your standard stroller. To get an idea of ​​what you’re looking at, the less exclusive “Harton – AMG GT Pushchair by 562 Graphite” costs € 1,100 (approximately US $ 11,800) in Germany.

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