Mercedes-AMG teases his new creation for an upcoming unveiling

You can already guess the outline. You’ll find out more soon.

With the passion of always pushing the boundaries of design and performance, Mercedes-AMG strives for excellence by improving itself with new models and ideas. While the brand keeps its projects behind closed doors until their debut, a new model is being teased via a video clip uploaded to the Mercedes-AMG Instagram page. The video shows the smooth lines of what it looks like as an silhouette of an AMG project, using tron-like light patterns that leave only the rest of the enthusiasts imagining drawing.

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Along with iconic examples like the 300SL, SLR McLaren, and SLS AMG, the new release from Mercedes-AMG is sure to stand out as another exclusive series. Mercedes-AMG is preparing for the announcement, citing the new release as the ultimate powerhouse. While expectations are high for Mercedes-AMG collectors and enthusiasts, German Performance Specialists Ready to Debut in New Creation on June 1st. See all current Mercedes-Benz models for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Check back in the Dupont Registry for more information on upcoming Luxury Lifestyles and the latest unveiling of Mercedes-AMG.

Source: Mercedes-AMG IG

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