Mercedes-Maybach SL: Here’s what to expect from the flagship Roadstar

These are speculative rendering made by Thanos Pappas for carscopes and are not related to or approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes is committed to expanding its range of high-end luxury models and, naturally, one of the top priorities is the Maybach. In addition to the S-Class, GLS, and the upcoming EQS, another model that will proudly wear the Maybach symbol is the new SL Roadstar. Directed by the official teaser, we have created a hypothetical rendering that closely depicts what a Mercedes-Mebach SL would look like.

The new generation of SLs was launched last year, featuring the Mercedes-AMG branding as a performance-oriented offer. The 2 + 2 Roadstar shares its rigid aluminum frame with the next-generation AMG GT, replacing both the previous SL and the closed AMG GT Roadster. In terms of design, the model is a big step up from its predecessor, looks much more aggressive and incorporates more exterior features.

As indicated by Gordon Wagner, chief designer of Mercedes-Benz, the transition from AMG to Maybach in SL will not be what we call prudent. While much of the bodywork will be carried, the new trim elements will make it easier to distinguish the Mebach SL from the less variant.

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Starting from the front, the grille will hold the Panamericana exterior shape and triangular LED headlights. However, the interior of the grille will be completely different, featuring the heavy dosage of chrome seen in the S-Class and GLS and the Maybach lettering.

Replacing the dark-themed carbon fiber trim of the AMG derivative will add extra chrome material to the bumper intake, front fender, mirror cap, side seal and diffuser. Above all, Maybach customers want to see and there is nothing brighter and more reflective than bright Chromework. Unlike Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge and Bentley’s Mulliner Blackline, Maybach has yet to follow the trend of black-out designs that are slowly conquering the color and trim segment.

Still, a highlight of the Maybach SL will be the black bonnet with a chrome strip in the middle. It will feature a gorgeous unusual pattern with the Maybach logo scattered all over the place, reminiscent of some designer bags and clothing lines. The absence of a Mercedes badge on the grille will be replaced by Hood’s classic Mercedes ornament, a feature you’ll be able to see from the driver’s seat.

Last but not least, Maybach will bring a new set of alloy wheels, making the profile look even more luxurious. We opted for 21-inch wheels with a double 17-spoke design from the S-Class, which is more suitable for roadstars than other Maybach options.

Going inside the cabin, Mercedes will probably follow the example of its existing range, offering lots of customization options for potential buyers of the SL. Combined with Alcantara, aluminum and other valuable materials, the best quality Nappa leather will transform the cabin from sporty to luxurious. We also see fancy options inspired by the fashion industry, like the Haute Voiture concept. Light tones will go well with the character of the Mebach SL, as the interior will often be exposed when driving under the roof.

In terms of technology, the SL already has a lot of kits available, including a digital cockpit with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster, an 11.9-inch infotainment touchscreen with the latest MBUX, and a 3D head-up display. This will tick all available ADAS boxes, and will probably feature a high-performance audio system that is even better than the great Burmester already at AMG.

Solve the mystery of the powertrain

Mercedes has not given us any clues as to what is under the Maybatch SL’s highly equipped bonnet, but we can make inferences based on the current range and Maybach’s own tradition.

The SL debuted with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, initially offered in two power rhythms for the SL 53 and SL 63. A few months later, Mercedes expanded the range with the entry-level SL43 which was a light fit. -Hybrid turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Furthermore, in the near future, we expect two new plug-in hybrid variants – SL 63e and SL 63 e-Performance. The latter will be at the top of the range in terms of power output, combining electric motors and V8 engines to produce an impressive 831 hp (842 PS / 620 kW).

Maybach is currently offering the S-Class and GLS with entry-level 4.0-liter V8, or the appropriate 6.0-liter V12, both coming with twin turbochargers. The first option is a simple bet for the Mebach SL as it has already been proven to be compatible with Roadstar. However, a V12 option would be highly appreciated as it would mark the return of a twelve-cylinder SL, distance it from the AMG variant and bring it closer to competitors in the ultra-luxury segment with the currently available Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Including a V8 and a W12.

We’re not sure if the big powertrain can fit in with the small footprint of the roadster, but we certainly hope it will. However, if we were to argue, the most intelligent choice for the Mebach would be the plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines effortless performance with a quiet and zero-emissions EV driving mode. This will also make it the most powerful in the range, as no ICE V12 matches the combined output of the latest electrified setup of Mercedes.

Mercedes has not given a launch date for our new model but we would not be surprised if it arrives in early 2023 as the groundwork is already in place. Interestingly, the Mercedes-Maybach SL cannot be bought for the most expensive SL. This role will be taken by the upcoming SL Speedster, a limited-production two-seater that will introduce us to the ultra-exclusive Mithos range.

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