Mercedes recalls 1 million cars worldwide for braking problems

To address a potential braking problem, Mercedes is recalling about 1 million cars worldwide, some of which are nearly 20 years old.

Influenced models are the M-Class and GL-Class SUVs, and the weird genre R-Class MPV built between 2004 and 2015, meaning many of the vehicles in question will be traveling to a Mercedes dealer for the first time. A decade.

Mercedes said it had identified a potential problem with the brake boosters fitted to those cars and was recalling 994,407 SUVs immediately. If the story sounds familiar, it is because we reported in May that more than 320,000 Mercedes SUVs and MPVs were being recalled in North America on the same issue. Now the withdrawal has gone worldwide.

The problem is related to a sleeve around the brake booster, which can retain moisture and, ultimately, the presence of that moisture can erode the brake booster. This can lead to long distance distances, or, in extreme cases, loss of braking ability.

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Mercedes said in a statement: “Brake boosters can cause mechanical damage, especially for strong or stiff braking techniques.”

Although the parking brake is hydraulic, works mechanically instead of components and is not affected by the problem, we do not imagine our possibility to try to stop the 5,000 pound (2,270 kg) SUV using it alone and not the Mercedes.

“In such a very rare case, it will not be possible to reduce the speed of the vehicle with the service brake. This will increase the risk of a crash or injury, ”he said, adding that the vehicles would be inspected at the dealership for signs of wear and tear and any defective components would be replaced free of cost.

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