Mercedes teases Maybach SL, SL Speedster, EQU SUV and entry-level luxury sedan

During the “Economics of Desire” presentation where Mercedes outlined its future strategy, the company teased not one but four of its upcoming models. These include the Mercedes-Maybach SL, the more exclusive SL Speedster of the new Mythos series, the fully electric EQE SUV, and an anonymous entry-level luxury car.

Gordon Wagner, the chief designer of Mercedes-Benz, has revealed the silhouette of the car in a shady teaser. Presumably he was flexible in detail, but gave us a good idea of ​​what to expect.

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Starting with SL-based models, wearing the flagship Roadstar Mebach badge will get a luxurious look. Wagener says: “We’ve created a new Mercedes-Mebach family. Beard. It’s going to be beautiful. I promise you.” Mentioning an SL with a black bonnet ৷ the SL S-Class, GLS and the Mercedes-Maybach range set to expand next to the upcoming EQS.

The SL will also serve as a basis for the first member of the ultra-exclusive “Mithos series” range. It has been converted to a two-seater (Mercedes-Benz SL has a 2 + 2 layout), the rear seats have been replaced with a newly designed rear deck for a smoother and more aerodynamic shape. Like all vehicles in the Mithos range, the SL Speedster is expected to be produced in limited numbers and will be available to enthusiasts and collectors of the brand. We don’t know which powertrain will be under the bonnet of the most expensive SL but we guess it will be the most powerful.

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Moving on to more mainstream models, Mercedes has shown a teaser for our upcoming EQE SUV. Wagener referred to it as the younger brother of the already unveiled EQS SUV, saying it would be much smoother and much more aerodynamic than the ICE-powered equivalent of the Mercedes-Benz GLE. The EQE SUV is expected to inherit the mechanically related EQE sedan powertrain and battery options.

Finally, the last teaser is the most interesting, where Wagener reveals the silhouette of an entry-level luxury car. The three-box ratio is characterized by a long bonnet, an aerodynamic roof line, and a small rear deck, while we can also see hints of its fancy LED lighting units. The designer says the still anonymous model will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will have an all-digital interior. He promised that it would be a truly luxurious car in the entry division, hinting at a possible successor to the A-Class sedan and CLA.

Mercedes has announced that it will reduce its “entry luxury” range from seven to four body styles while adding more technology and luxury features. The Tized sedan could be the first model of the next generation compact Mercedes, which will debut in 2024. It will be underpinned by the new MMA platform, and will launch before the Mercedes-Benz operating system (MB.OS) expands. The full range is bringing new connectivity features.

In addition to the models mentioned above, Mercedes has hinted at another possible addition to its range without giving us any visual clues. We are talking about a new model set to expand the G-Class family that is currently under consideration. Reading in line, it sounds like another 4 × 4 that will probably hold the boxy design language of the G-Class and the upcoming full-electric EQG.

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