Mercedes will offer optional extended range batteries with G-Class EV silicon anode

Mercedes has announced that the upcoming G-Class EV will be offered with an optional battery pack that uses a silicon anode chemistry from Sila.

According to the automaker, “high-silicon anode components will increase battery power density without compromising safety or other performance parameters.”

The company says that compared to cells commercially available today, sealer technology allows a 20-40% increase in energy concentrations above 800 Wh / l at the cell level. This is a huge increase and will enable future vehicles to “save a lot more energy in one place”, thus increasing their range to a “significant amount”.

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Mercedes is not ready to talk specifically, but they do expect to offer an extended range of G-Class EVs by 2025 with Sealer battery technology. The company added that the silicon anode material would be manufactured using 100% renewable energy at the Seeler Washington State plant and that it would be the Mercedes factory’s “first publicly declared autonomous customer.”

Although Silla is not a family name, Mercedes invested in the company in 2019 as part of their research and development efforts to create advanced batteries for future electric vehicles. That investment is now set to pay off as upcoming models will feature high-tech batteries that offer significantly longer ranges than traditional batteries.

In a statement, Marcus Schaefer, Mercedes’ chief technology officer, said: “… We have a leading partner in Silla who will help us power the next generation of electric luxury vehicles with their highly innovative anode technology. Providing such high power concentrations is a real game changer and allows us to think in a whole new direction when building the electric cars of the future. “

His sentiments were echoed by Seeler CEO Jean Berdychevsky, who commented: “We are focused on delivering materials that are cost-effective and capable of delivering the promise of electric vehicles, long-range power, improved charging time and battery reduction খরচ cost per kilowatt. “

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