Mild-Hybrid Turbo Four Power Recommended for 2023 Mercedes-AMG GLC43C43

Shortly after the unveiling of the new generation GLC by Mercedes-Benz, one of our readers spied on the SUV in a performance-based AMG camouflage.

Mercedes-Benz has officially announced six variants of the new GLC, including three light hybrids and three plug-in hybrids. However, we know that the range will expand further and include at least two AMG-badged models, possibly featuring GLC 43 and GLC 63.

CarScoops reader Velibor Zjačić saw this prototype in the beautiful Italian city of Trieste. When covering it in disguise, the four circular tailpipes on the back point it towards a GLC 43 model.

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Despite the technical features behind the GLC 43, it will probably be equipped with the same powertrain as the new 2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 4Matic. As such, it should abandon the pre-generation model V6 to include a 48-volt light-hybrid support for a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces a total of 402 hp and 367 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque at C43.

The engine will be mated to an all-wheel drive system and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Given that the C43 sedan can hit a speed of 62 mph (100 km / h) in 4.6 seconds, we think the GLC 43 will probably be capable of a similar figure.

Of course, customers will be able to choose the new GLC 63 after getting more. This model may have the same powertrain as the 2023 C 63 E performance, such as a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder a 48-volt light-hybrid system that produces 464 hp alone. The Mercedes-AMG adds a 198 hp electric motor to the rear axle, giving the sports sedan a total of 661 hp and 553 pound-feet (750 Nm) of torque.

Velibor Zjacic hat tip for photos!

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