Motorized wheelchair tow powerboat on California road

The rise of electric vehicles has made us more aware that electric motors are very Turkish but one person in California decided to demonstrate it with his motorized wheelchair.

Christopher Jacoby first took pictures and posted them on Facebook while in El Cajon, California, near San Diego.

“What in the world?” Jacob is heard to say. “Holy S ****. Dude is blocking traffic, pulling the boat. He’s trying to get over! Hahahaha.”

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The wheelchair seems to be handling the task rationally, although the chair is slightly swaying around the corner, indicating the underlying danger of this type of activity. Just because you have a rotating force to pull something does not mean that you have the brakes or stability to stop it so that it does not overtake you.

Tire Meets Road reports that this wheelchair driver and his temporary work may not be involved in anything illegal. While I’m sure the law doesn’t work like the rules of basketball in the Airbud cinematic universe, the rules surrounding towing in California seem to be most concerned about whether a driver has tampered with their taillights.

The site further mentions that this is not the first time. Promising ships from England and Australia have tried this type of indecency before, although according to the UPI, the Australian man was apprehended shortly after being spotted by police.


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