Much to Ford’s warning of sellers warning against ridiculous F-150 lightning

We’ve covered markups from a variety of brands, including Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Toyota. Still, it looks like Ford could take the biggest hit in terms of its reputation. After a tweet from Ford spokesman Mike Levine provoked some criticism from buyers, a quick search revealed a lot of greedy dealers who seem intent on tarnishing the brand’s image.

We’ve posted the actual query price on the dealers’ website with the window sticker below, but here are some contexts first. On Wednesday, we reported at a Florida dealership that the base F-150 Lightning had $ 69k markup, doubling the MSRP.

One of the main reasons for that report was the direct response of Mr. Levine who claimed that it was a valid markup. He said the dealer mistakenly inputted the price of the truck twice and that error led to a wild price – which, to be fair, the markup actually matched the MSRP with the dot. According to Levin, the dealer fixed the problem within 24 hours, arguing that it was not a unit for sale but a demo car.

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Citizens of the Internet have decided to take advantage of the huge network of dealers to grill Levin, which seems to be the undoubtedly deliberate markup on Ford products. A Twitter user described the feeling in response to the above tweet, comparing Ford’s biggest target to Tesla.

“The difference is that Tesla is open about their price. When you order it you know how much the car is. No one knows what they will pay for a car when they go to a Ford dealership. And the last two cars I bought were my wife’s Explorer. And my Tesla Y. ” They said.

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To put it bluntly, “no one knows what they’re going to pay for a car when they walk into a Ford dealership.” The dealer in question, who claimed it was an error, not only removed the F-150 Lightning from its website but, from what we can tell, completely shut down its Facebook page. Pouring all the negative energy into the source of frustration is not so shocking when we consider all the irrational dealer markups found in just one afternoon of browsing.

In fact, there are many more to mention so we will focus on a few with $ 30,000 + markup Jim Bear, Inc. in Fort Madison, IA has the cheapest Lighting we can say and it costs $ 110,749. It has an MSRP of just 80,749. Then Morris Value Ford, MN. It contains a Lightning Platinum listed for $ 123,509. With just 47 miles on the odometer, it’s so new that they still don’t have pictures for it. It has an MSRP of just 93,509.

It’s not just dealers in the Midwest with big markup. The Grand Prairie Ford Lightning in Texas has $ 30,000 markup. Another dealer in Colorado, Castle Rock Ford, was also arbitrarily fined অতিরিক্ত 30,000. And Napa Ford, you guessed it, Napa, CA, has a Lightning Platinum with a premium of $ 40,000 on top of the MSRP. The problem is across the country.

Sawgrass Ford takes things to a whole new level in Sunrise, FL. They now have a Lightning Platinum up for sale listed at $ 143,874. In fact, they listed the MSRP as 141,374 and then added $ 2,500 to the “upgrade”. Sure, it sounds bad, but get it. The actual MSRP including delivery listed on the window sticker for this exact truck is 93,874!

Again, you might think the $ 50,000 markup is bad enough but it gets worse because in the car description they say: “No games! Price plus sales tax and just tags … no dealer fees !!! Here at Sawgrass Ford we are Never charge a dealer fee … We make it easy. *** Any dealer fee ***, *** Free Carfax History Report **.

Obviously, they won’t charge you a dealer fee and they’ll give you a free CarFax history report … on a brand new truck … until you pay $ 50,000 markup. Sweet.

If Ford is serious about curbing these greedy and brand-damaging habits, we want to see some practical steps that can be taken to demonstrate this.


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