Navigating a $ 28M Rolls-Royce boat tail at Villa D’Est can be quite stressful

The second of three units of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail was the absolute star at the 2022 Concarco d’Eleganza at Villa d’Est last weekend, which caught the attention of the audience. In addition to a gallery with live images of the ultra-expensive CoachBuilt Convertible, a video show uploaded to YouTube by Automotive Mike on and off the ramp gives a behind-the-scenes look at the nerve-wracking process of transportation.

Sitting behind the wheel of a unique handmade car, rumored to have cost about 28 28 million, sounds like a dream to many petrolheads. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The professional driver who navigated it to the Rolls-Royce stand seemed quite calm and confident, with the help of his colleagues who guided him through the complex.

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Don’t get me wrong, the route from the garage to the exhibition stand doesn’t seem difficult for the average driver. However, I’m sure we won’t feel the same way if we run this huge land yacht with handbilted aluminum body panels and pearl mother-inspired Bespoke paint. The latter seems to vary depending on the conditions of light compared to the press shots under sunlight.

We all have to agree that the overall feature in the live shots shared by the BMW Group looks impeccable as proof of the countless hours of work involved in building the boat tail. The interior of this example, dressed in royal walnut veneer, evokes purity in combination with cognac / oyster skin and tasteful rose gold accents. We also think the owner will be happy to see how the mother of pearl material was assembled into clusters, switchgear and timepieces by Rolls-Royce designers and engineers. After all, it comes from her personal collection of pearls.

Another interesting feature of the boat tail that is revealed in the video is that it can be operated with the rear deck open, so you can display your assets with special cutlery that are usually hidden under the beautiful royal walnut veneer. From its appearance, the Rolls-Royce stand should be the most expensive bar / restaurant in the area, with a pair of carbon-fiber malls under the umbrella remaining empty for most of the event.

The same setup can be found on the first boat tail, so we guess the owners can arrange a meetup making room for four. Unfortunately, the third model will remain secret after the request of its owner. Gathering three Rolls-Royce boat tails in one place for a photoshoot would be really great, though it rarely sounds like it. If you think about it, it would cost at least $ 84 million to buy the Bespoke Convertible trio.

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