New York dealer under investigation for delivering 2021 Ford Escape with

U.S. security regulators will investigate Beacon, New York’s Healy Brothers Ford dealership, alleging that it sold the 2021 Ford Escape without an outstanding withdrawal.

The regulator said in a document that it had received information that “indicates that this dealer delivered at least one new car to the first buyer without the necessary withdrawal repairs.” The NHTSA, therefore, is opening an audit query to gather more information about these concerns.

Automotive News reports that the specific withdrawal in question was introduced in August and is related to the fuel distribution module leak. As a result, there may be less fuel pressure, which can cause the engine to stall. The recall affected a total of 13,773 vehicles, including Lincoln Corsairs, Ford Bronco Sports and, of course, The Escape.

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Ford and its dealers will need to replace the free fuel distribution module for their car owners. They will also have to repair new vehicles that were still in the lot.

“Since the unprinted recall is a security risk, it is illegal for a dealership to provide a new vehicle with an outstanding security recall,” an NHTSA spokesman told AN. “NHTSA takes safety recall very seriously and urges everyone to recall Open Safety to repair it as soon as possible.”

Ford, meanwhile, suggested that it hold the end of negotiations on the withdrawal. The automaker said it was aware of NHTSA’s audit and would comply with the regulator. It added that it works to inform dealerships and customers of a timely withdrawal and noted that “Ford dealers are independently owned.”

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