New York has suspended gas taxes for the rest of 2022 to reduce pressure on pumps

New York lawmakers have taken a new step to reduce the amount of money citizens are paying for petrol and diesel. The state’s 16-cent tax on petrol has been suspended for the remainder of 2022 It is the latest in a series of other methods used across the country to reduce high gas and diesel prices

16 cents may not sound like much when the national average sits at $ 4.67 but in New York, the average sits shamefully at just $ 5 per gallon at $ 4.93. Every little bit will help motorists in a dam and state officials are encouraging local officials to do more if they can.

Some areas of New York have already reduced the pain of pumping in their own way. Suffolk and Nassau counties have limited their gas taxes to $ 3. To make this clear, fuel is not taxed after the $ 3 mark and above.

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CBSNews reports that counties like Rockland County have limited the tax to just $ 2. Other states have already taken similar steps, although Maryland is not long enough to suspend its fuel taxes for the first 30 days of March 18th. This amount is 36.1-cents for petrol and 36.85-cents for diesel.

On the same day, Georgia’s governor suspended fuel taxes in late May. All of these tax cuts are ultimately costing the government, and at the same time saving citizens millions of dollars. Connecticut says it will cost the state about 90 90 million.

Maryland expects to miss about $ 100 million and flowRida, which plans a gas tax holiday throughout October, said it would cost 200 million. Although each of these states has higher taxes on fuel than New York, it is the imperial state that will suffer the most.

It would cost the state $ 585 million to reduce its fuel tax, according to Governor Kathy Hutchul. Even federal officials are under pressure to suspend the 18.3-cent national fuel tax per gallon. The state tax depends on the suspension and the cost, which can cut to around .50 cents per gallon. Now, we are waiting to see if another state and possibly the federal government will pursue the case.

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