NHTSA has received more than 750 complaints of phantom braking at Tesla

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has flooded customers with complaints that their Teslas is stopping or slowing down for no apparent reason while using their vehicle’s advanced driver assistance system.

The regulator released a letter to Tesla on May 4 and received by the Associated Press that it had received 758 reports of unexpected brake activation in 2021-2022 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

This is a complete increase from just a few months ago. In February, the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation reported receiving 354 customer complaints about autopilots and FSD in the past nine months.

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As a result of the huge number of complaints, regulators are seeking more information from Tesla. The NHTSA, in the letter, asked Tesla for all consumer and field reports on the Phantom Breaking event as well as reports of crashes, injuries, deaths and property damage claims.

Also, NHTSA is looking for warranty claim information for Phantom Breaking events, including the names of the owners and the keys that were repaired. It wants to see what changes have been made to Tesla’s sensor data and any test or investigation of braking problems, as well as what was changed as a result of those results.

The investigation will focus on how Tesla’s advanced driver assistance systems deal with things like metal bridges, S-shaped curves, incoming and outbound traffic, as well as vehicles of different sizes, all of which have been reported to have troubled systems in the past.

Many complainants have experienced hair lifting as a result of phantom braking, with some reporting that their cars are inexplicably slow on the highway, causing fear of rear-end collisions.

Tesla has until June 20 to respond to the regulator’s request for information, which is being finalized between the NHTSA company and its advanced driver support system. Shares of Automaker fell nine percent on Friday after the release.

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