Nicki Lauder crashes Ferrari F1 in Monaco’s historic Grand Charles Lakelark

Charles Lecler, the first Monegasque driver of Formula 1, was cursed on his home track and this weekend, another unfortunate incident happened to him. While at the Parade Lap at the 2022 Monaco Historic Grand Prix, he lost the rear end of a 1972 Ferrari 312B3 and crashed into La Rascas.

Although he was technically lapping up the parade during the event, he was driving at a reasonable speed on the Tight Street circuit. He started to slow down before he could leave the rear of the car in the corner and his wings matched first in the obstacle.

Fortunately, Leclerc, who is the current point leader in the Formula 1 drivers’ championship, does not appear to have been injured in the crash. In footage released by the Goodwood Road and Racing YouTube channel, commentators noted that the corner was covered by oil / oil leaks from a previous accident.

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Leclerc, meanwhile, took to Twitter on Sunday and blamed the breaks. In fact, in the video, right after the accident, he seems to be moving as the brake pedal falls off his hand. Some distance down the road, while talking to Jackie Icox, who was driving another Vintage Ferrari F1 behind him, Lecler was heard explaining what had happened.

“No, but I lost the brakes. I lost the brakes! I braked and at first, the paddle was stiff, and then it fell to the floor, “Leclerc said in French.” I was lucky that it happened there because it wouldn’t have been so good if it had happened somewhere else. “

The extent of the car’s damage is not clear, although Leclerc was able to remove it again. Although some white smoke could be seen from the rear, it is possible that there was only smoke from the tires that emitted from the wings to the front and on the tires.

Leclerc cannot be the only one with the Monaco curse, as one Different The Ferrari 312B3 crashed at this event last year, according to former F1 driver Jean Alessi, Motorsport reported. Both Ferrari and LeClark would expect the curse to hit May 29, when modern F1 cars hit the road circuit famous for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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