Nissan owners have found that soda cans are more powerful than front spoilers

I have a very different memory of being seven or eight years old and going to a school science fair. For some reason, one display that really stuck with me year after year was the power of the cylinder.

To demonstrate, a student rolled up a bunch of construction paper tubes, placed them in a box and stood on them, proving that something about the shape made them very resistant to being crushed vertically. I bet the owner of this Nissan 370Z that they used to be at that science fair.

If they had, they would have known that the cylinders were stronger, but rather they would have crushed a soda can while trying to find out with their front bumper and try to bend their front lip significantly.

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The video, posted by u / nicolailie on r / Unexpected subreddit, was intended (in my opinion) to show an airlift kit and how far it could go up and down the car, although I’m really guessing.

As one commenter noted, this short video may prove that polyurethane bumpers are better than fiberglass bumpers, probably because they split and bend backwards instead of cracking. Hopefully, this bumper comes back without much damage, but this video proves that some science experiments are left in the classroom, not in the front bumpers of our cars.

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