Nissan will start selling certified used cars of other brands

Nissan is preparing to launch a certified pre-owned program for other brands of vehicles.

Through the program, non-Nissan vehicles will be inspected 84-point and sold with a 6-month / 6,000-mile limited warranty. Nissan-certified pre-owned vehicles come with a 167-point inspection and a 7-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

“We want to connect with customers about the Nissan brand and Nissan’s experience,” Nissan told Dan Mohan, vice president of US ecommerce. Auto News. “The biggest advantage for dealers is the new customers that they don’t usually see.”

Nissan is not the first carmaker to launch a certified pre-owned program for other vehicles. Ford is already running a similar program of its own and General Motors is preparing to follow suit.

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Talking to Auto NewsNissan’s program will help its dealerships adapt to the low supply of new vehicles, said H. Greg Nissan Kendall, executive manager of Ryan Hall in Miami.

“I don’t think Nissan would go this route if the list of new cars is healthy,” Hall said. “It’s about keeping people coming to the store because our supply of new cars has been cut in half.”

Nissan is also working to make its CPO inventory available on its Nissan @ Home e-commerce platform. The platform allows customers to browse for a vehicle, schedule a test drive, complete paperwork for purchase and take delivery remotely.

Tyler Slade, Tim Dahle Nissan Southtowne’s operating partner, says certified pre-owned customers are 30 percent more likely to return to buy a new car. These customers are also more likely to have their car serviced at Nissan dealerships.

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