Olympian Motors O1 aims to blend new school EV-Tech with old-school styling

Almost every new EV concept that comes out seems to be trying to jump to the last in terms of future-proof styling and technology. A new startup called Olympian Motors is trying to support that trend to match a very retro theme and interior design.

On March 2, Olympian Motors released a short teaser for its first model, the O1. It is clear that this is an O, not zero, for Olympians, and the brand says it will “provide higher aesthetic quality and improved quality.”

The O1 itself is very retro-themed from the arch of its powerful flowing wheel to the end of its teardrop tail. Olympian says the O1 will achieve a price range of 305 miles (490 km) on a single charge using an 82 kWh battery pack. Rear-wheel drive will be ideal and its maximum speed will be more than 160 mph (257 km / h).

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The interior of the O1 may seem more attractive to you which makes the cabin of the Tesla Model 3 look busy. Olympian says it’s “80% of the buttons and switches removed in a normal driver’s cockpit” and won’t have a 2D screen. EV Startup says it will use a “‘Voice First’ command and control” instead. We haven’t yet tested a voice control system that was completely accurate but they probably cracked that code.

The O1 is priced at $ 100,000 and Olympian is already taking a $ 500 deposit but as far as we can tell it has no planned production date. They don’t seem to have anything more than a car render at this point.

We reached out to the Olympians in the hope that they would give us some more information. The vehicle may be in the early stages but we can’t help but hopefully it will reach production sometime. A little more variety in the EV space would certainly be welcome.

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