Overland the old school with this beautifully restored 1977 GMC Jimmy Casa

Overlanding has exploded in popularity, but it’s far from new and it’s clear from this 1977 GMC Jimmy Casa Grande that McCam will auction next month.

One of the 225 reported to be produced, this particular model has undergone a “comprehensive recovery” and still features its original graphics.

Although the list is precisely light, the SUV has a golden and white exterior as well as a removable roof that has been replaced by a fiberglass camper. The latter is the star of the show because it has numerous windows and a large back door

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Entering the cabin, we see a classic two-spoke steering wheel, wood trim and front seat. Of course, the camper revealed the original highlights and an old brochure that the model was equipped with a “convertible bunk seat” and a standard dinette table.

The Casa Grand has a generous kitchen with a two-burner stove and a stainless steel sink with an electric pump as well as a five gallon (22.7 liter) water tank. This particular model seems to be a high-performance variant because we can see what the 5,000 BTU LPG heater and optional refrigerator look like. They have a large storage cabinet and a pop-up ceiling that allows the interior to boast more than 6 ‘7 “headrooms.

While the Jimmy Casa Grand comes standard with a three-speed manual and a 5.7-liter V8, this model appears to have optional 6.6-liter (400 cubic inches) V8 and turbo-hydraulic transmission. Regardless of the combination of the powertrain, the SUV comes standard with four-wheel drive.

Photo Credit: Mekum

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