Pininfarina’s Ferrari Modulo NFTs are now available for free viewing

Pininfarina has unveiled its NFT collection that is currently up for auction through RM Sotheby’s and is designed to celebrate the iconic Ferrari module.

We first heard about the Pininfarina NFT collection earlier this month. The project has been enlivened by a partnership between Pininfarina and NFT specialist 1of1, ARTM Technologies and artist Sasha Sirota. The series is limited to only five separate NFTs. Bidding has recently started RM Sotheby’s Website

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Each of the five NFTs presents modules in a different period from 1970 to 2020 and is dubbed 70, 80, 90, 00 and 10, respectively.

The winning bidders will not only receive a portion of Modulo’s digital industry, including the images and videos you see below, but will also have access to a host of their VIP “utilities”.

For example, they will get a printed artwork of the module signed by Paolo Pininfarina, in the form of a reproduction print of an original module sketch signed by Paolo Pininfarina, a digital booker on a USB stick with special artwork from Pininfarina’s personal design archive. , A digital replica of a physical Pininfarina module suitable for metavers, and a personal tour of the Pininfarina Museum. The winning buyers will meet one by one with the Pininfarina car design team and have the opportunity to experience the company’s virtual lab in Cambiano, Italy.

“We are proud that our first NFT collection is dedicated to giving Modulo a new lease of life,” Paolo Pininfarina said in a recent statement. “The concept car designed in 1970 is a manifesto of the Pininfarina vision: the innovation of beauty and the design of the future”.

Bidding on NFTs will run until June 3. At the time of writing, bidding for the Modulo 70’s NFT reached $ 1,300, while for the 80’s it was $ 700, for the 90’s it was $ 500, for the 00’s it was $ 500, and for the 10’s it was $ 700. .






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