Polyester 5 Production Design Fully Revealed Thanks to Official Patent Images

Polestar recently teased their upcoming Polestar 3 SUV, but now, a set of patent images filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office has released the design of the Polyster 5 Fastback sedan, a production version of the concept concept, which will arrive in 2024.

The upcoming Polyester 5 was teased in November last year. The big news with this car is that unlike the Polyester 1 and 2, it will not be based on existing Volvo platforms. Instead, the Polyester 5 will ride on its own Bespoke aluminum unibody, which is supposed to allow it to weigh less like some compact cars and be tougher than some 2-door sports cars.

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The patent images show that the polyester had to be applied to make the prospect suitable for production. In addition to the overall tone-down ratio, the Polyester 5 sports a real side-view mirror that looks like a real low headlight instead of a stylistic LED light strip.

The bumper’s leading face has been modified to accommodate it, as well as trimmed the bottom of the headlight units below. The bottom front bumper and side skirt panels have also been simplified, probably due to safety and ease of production.

Back out, a dead ringer for design ideas. The changes we understand are a less aggressive diffuser and a spot for the license plate on the bumper. Everything else, including the taillight design, lower bumper trim and ridiculously high rear windshield, seems almost identical to the concept. Double 4-spoke wheels with a larger sidewall, look straight out of concept.

That being said, compared to Prespit’s pillarless design and rear suicidal doors, the production Polyester 5 has a simple front door and a B-pillar, but the rear handles are still as flush as the front ones. The car also dropped the giant LiDAR sensor on the roof in pursuit of smooth lines, and the door to the charge port in the front fender grew larger in size.

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Overall, though, the Polyester 5 production seems to be very close to the design of the concept, with many minor changes just to comply with the practicality and safety requirements. Admittedly, this was the case with the Polyester 1 and Volvo Concept Coupe, as well as the Polyester 2 and Volvo 40.2 concepts, but it’s still impressive that automakers continue to successfully translate their concept designs into similar-looking production vehicles.

Following the Polyester 3 SUV and the Polyester 4 crossover coupe in 2023 this October, the Polyester 5 is expected to make its debut in 2024 and will be expected to compete with vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, Audi E-Tron GT and Porsche Tekken. .

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