Porsche 928 gets stunning futuristic makeover by Nardone Automotive

If there’s ever a car screaming for a free resto-mod update, it’s the Porsche 928. And now thanks to Nardonne Automotive, we know what it looks like, and will be able to buy results in 2024.

Nardonne Automotive is a French startup and this Porsche 928 is its first project. You don’t assume that. This car is so good that you swear that the 928 is still on the shelves of Porsche dealers since they were in it.

We’re not sure which model the 928 Nardonne is using as a donor (probably it’s the S4), but apparently it combines the features of different eras through the extensive use of carbon fiber. The huge rear fender swings towards the 928 GTS, but much larger, while the 18-in forged wheels are clearly inspired by the disc-style rims mounted on the 928 S2 and S4.

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The front headlights get a four-prong graphic like the current Porsche and are housed in cool open frame pods, and the constant rays of light visible across the rear of the car also give a cap tip for the latest Stuttgart cars, while also pinching the concept from the 928 GTS in the first place. By

Nordon says its 928 Vision is powered by an advanced, naturally ambitious V8 with a state-of-the-art engine control unit and is capable of producing 395 hp (400 PS), which will make it more powerful than the end of the original 50 hp-built car. The rear-mounted transmission receives an upgrade from five to six gears and is equipped with a limited slip differential, while the chassis features large brakes, electronic damper controls and electric power steering.

But it’s inside the cabin where some of the biggest changes are found. The dashboard receives a radical overhaul that reshapes the instrument binoculars and wraps around almost every surface of the foglizo leather or alcantara. The exception is the brushed metal center console, which is home to a Porsche PCCM media system designed for older cars that brings quality sound and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

No word on how much the 928 will cost, but Nardone is currently showing the car at Milan Design Week this month, then taking it to the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​between 23-26 June to generate some orders. After that, everything is ready to get those cars ready for delivery in 2024. Based on what we see here, this is going to be a busy 18 months.


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