Preview of Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture Concept The best S-Class you can buy

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is at the very top of the brand’s lineup with lots of personalization options. However, buyers of ultra-luxury vehicles may never have enough relevant features, as demonstrated in the highly customized Mercedes-Mebach Hout Voucher concept that will evolve into a limited production model in 2023.

For those unfamiliar with the fashion industry, haute couture is a French term used to describe high-end fashion design where everything is handmade from fine materials. As such, the Mebach S-Class has received an overhaul in terms of color and trimming, which Mercedes described as an “unusual, fashion-inspired” combination. The exterior features a bi-tone paint with dark nautical blue for the upper body and a glitter rose for the rest of the car highlighted by the Maybach alloy wheel and chrome accents.

Make sure you clean your shoes before you enter

Inside is where all the fashion-related fun begins. The upholstery consists of a beautiful wild-looking bouquet fabric in blue, beige, rose gold and gold colors with crystal white and dark nautical blue nappa leather covering a large part of the cabin. The dashboard has a varnish finish with a rose gold line, which matches the accent of the center console. The leather upholstery has a star pattern printed on the panel, door, headrest and headliner. Finally, the animal-free white fox fur covers the door pockets, inlay mats and scatter cushions, meaning passengers make sure their shoes are clean before entering the car.

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The digital interface of MBUX Infotainment also has the distinctive nature of a special edition. The graphics have been updated “to visualize the environment of the catwalk” with rose gold accents around the home button always visible on all menus and on the central touchscreen. The profile selection menu features a fresh magnolia blossom and glitter particles, and the home screen features glitter clouds that are not present in regular Maybach models, while each user can create their own Haute Voiture profile picture by choosing between twelve beautifully dressed avatars.

Matching bag

Last but not least, a luxury model like this may be missing some bespoke fashion items. A barrel bag of different sizes and two complete handmade garments were made from the same materials used inside the S-Class. In addition to minimizing the remaining pieces, this means that passengers on the Hout Voucher can dress according to their fancy vehicle, as long as they fit into the following pieces – a fine lace dress, a suitable jacket and a short A-line skirt, or a long skirt. With a modern mock neck top.

The model can be presented here in concept form but it is close to production-ready condition. Mercedes says it will launch the car in early 2023 as a strictly limited version, regardless of price, production number or availability. They also did not mention the type of powertrain but we assume that the V12 of the S680 is given a requirement that this model does not compete less with the bespoke variants of the recently facelifted Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The Mercedes-Mebach Hout Voucher Concept was presented at the Art of Creating Desire exhibition in C ডিte d’Azur with the Project Mebach X Virgil Abolo concept and similarly limited by the specific Mercedes-Mebach S680 Virgil Abolo which is limited to 150 examples.

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