QOTD: Which controversial style car has really gotten better?

Controversial design is on the mind these days and BMW is a prime example. The brand seems to be relying on its avant-garde designs to win the hearts of next generation car buyers. I can’t help but wonder, is there anything wrong with that?

BMW designer Domagoj Dukec says the car’s design isn’t about being beautiful, and its claim is that the subtext is more than just a hindrance to proverbs, history will prove its wild creation right. So, has it happened before?

In particular, which controversial design age has been better? Since we started talking about BMW, we can continue too, and I would say that many of the brand’s harmful bangle eras don’t actually look too bad these days.

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While I’m not going to bat for the fifth-generation E90 3-Series sedan, the E92 coupe does look really good. The E85 Z4, meanwhile, is also quite attractive these days for its clean lines and accurate proportions.

Although BMW is not the only automaker that hires bold designers. While I don’t think the current generation Mazda3 Concept XM has been as controversial anywhere, I clearly think the back three-quarters of it was off. Now, though, whenever I see someone on the street I can’t help but think it’s the best-looking hatchback for sale today, something I couldn’t say at the 2018 LA Auto Show when it was launched.

In this regard, I have said in the past that there is a direct relationship between how old a Mercedes is and how good it looks. Whenever the company introduces a new car I always think it’s chic, but the older it gets the better it looks to me.

Maybe, though, these are just indications that I’m slow to improve, not that these designers were particularly ahead of their time. So what do you think? Which of your controversial cars has grown the most over time?

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