Renault’s retro-flavored Toyota Land Cruisers look great

Renoka, a brand owned by Japanese tuner Flex Dream, which specializes in retro-flavored visual transformation, is offering a wide range of Land Cruiser generations to look like the older J60. The cool factor of SUVs is further enhanced by the fact that they use OEM headlights and grille, blending in nicely with the rest of the bodywork for the modified front panels.

Conversion kits are available for the Land Cruiser J80 (1990), J90 Prado (1996) and J100 (1999) with lots of customization options, blessing each of them with the look of the older J60 (1980). Models can be specified with round or square headlights and a chrome-infused or black-finished grille carrying the Toyota symbol.

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As we mentioned earlier, those parts come directly from the J60. Renault features a redesigned steel bonnet with headlight housing, twisted front fender and basepack bumpers, as well as an old-school chrome finish. In addition to headlights and grille treatments, personalization options include a selection of different nostalgic color shades and alloy wheels for body work.

Regardless of the model you are going to use as a donor vehicle, you will benefit from a much more modern interior environment than the 80’s J60, with increased cabin space, more refined rides and aftermarket infotainment touchscreen. Renault offers lots of cool looking fabric and leather options for seat upholstery and a wooden three-spoke steering wheel for the J80.

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Mechanically, Land Cruisers retain their stock ladder-frame chassis and engines, but Renoca is offering optional lift kits for suspension so you can further enhance the SUV’s off-road certification. Finally, some models may get roof racks for transporting surfboards and other equipment.

Depending on the model, the change costs between ¥ 2,800,000 ($ 20,300) and ¥ 3,490,000 ($ 27,140), but it can be even higher if you spice it up with more options. We spent some time in the configuration and made some pretty glasses for the iconic SUV, our choice being taken towards the recent J100 generation. In addition to the Land Cruiser, the tuner offers similar kits for the Toyota Highs, Toyota Town S, and a boxy Toyota Euro box wagon that looks like a VW Golf MK1.

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