Reversomod 1991 Chevy Camaro RS tries to pull a 2010MY camouflage

Chevy’s third-generation Camaro has recently taken some steam in the collector market for our combined love for the 1980s and 1990s. But that revived romance didn’t do much to save the Camaro RS from a very strange transformation any time soon.

Originally a 1991 model, it was modified to look like the fifth-generation camera introduced in 2010, with the touch of the 2011 COPO camera, a rare limited edition GM pony car built to compete in approved drag racing events and named after the legendary aluminum. Block 1947 Camaro from -1969.

Here’s a real dilemma: An old camera has been transformed into a new camera with its own retro styling signals cribed from older cameras. However, whoever was responsible for the conversion of this RS obviously spent a lot of time and money to make it happen. But like other examples of such updates (incredibly, this is not the only one) the results are not exactly happy.

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The rear end looks pretty good, fitting nicely with the 2011 rear lights and bumper third-gen fastback design. But the story ahead is different. 1982-92 F-body cars had long hoods, but everything was in proportion as the nose was pressed. But this altered front edge looks longer and much more square and completely confuses the proportions. It’s like looking at one of those plastic body fun car drag cars that is designed to be very loosely compatible with the vehicles you can actually buy.

However, you will want to pick and choose your quarter mile battle in this car. The huge hood scoop seems promising as the 5.0-liter engine probably can’t hold. The 305-cube V8 was rated only 170 hp (172 PS) that year, though things could get worse – it could come with a 140 hp (142 PS) 3.1-liter V6. And at least it’s associated with a five-speed manual transmission.

Unfortunately, that five-speed shifter is probably the highlight of the interior of this camera. Although in good condition, like the skinny five-spoke wheel, it is bone-stock and very, very gray, so it does not keep pace with the exterior. But then this car is about that external thing. And at $ 7,900, this mixed camera from Michigan City, IN is a cheap way to get dizzy.

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