Rimac has invested $ 536 million in its efforts to strengthen the technology

Last year, when the remake Nevera set a production world record for quarter-mile, it generated a lot of publicity. What many fans don’t know is that in addition to the Bugatti remake, Remake Group includes Remake Technology, a standalone subsidiary of the brand that produces high-performance electrical components for other OEMs. Now, the 536 million investment will help make that business even better.

As reported by CNBC, Remake Technology already has a high-profile list of customers, including Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Renault. Also, both Porsche and Hyundai have invested in the brand in the past. With so much rapid growth, remake technology has sought this extra capital to keep pace.

Now, the lion’s share of the $ 536 million investment will go directly into the technology business, and in some parts 700 new employees will be hired. At the same time, the company is still in the midst of building its new headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia.

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According to Electric, Matt Remack himself indicated the impact of the deal: “Remake has ambitious growth plans for the next few years and we are humbled by the support of significant new investors. As we seek to scale the group faster, set up new manufacturing processes to meet global autonomous demand, recruit 700 talented team members in 2022, open new offices across Europe and expand our new manufacturing facilities on campus and beyond, our expert investors This will be an invaluable guide through unfamiliar territory.

“I would like to personally thank all our employees because without their hard work, loyalty and enthusiasm for the Rimac approach, we would not be here today.” The remake says the company is “basically doubling every one and a half to two years”, which is a good sign for its future.

Focusing so much on the technology side of the business can be a big step towards greater success. Just last year, the remake entered into a new partnership with Bugatti and Porsche and is ready to deliver its first customer-spec Nevera in just a few weeks.

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