Rob Dahm drives a 1,350 HP Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette that could embarrass the plaid

Rob Dahm and the people in Top Gear have just released the latest episode of their American tuned series and it has a wild Corvette. This 1,350 hp monster plays two turbochargers with a special control unit, methanol fuel and some nitrous to back it up.

Dahm is known for its tireless efforts to add more power and performance to its proprietary vehicles. During that process, he learned a lot about car tuning and how important precise software control of physical components can be. Now, he’s getting one lesson after another with Fueltech chief Anderson Dick.

Its vehicle control unit, or VCU, basically assumes all the important functions of a regular road vehicle computer. VCU simplifies the tuning process and prevents any kind of encryption or blockade that may be present in the OEM computer. This allows the tuned C8 Corvette to leverage parts of its performance and create an 8.97-second quarter-mile time.

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In fact, much of that success and speed can be attributed not only to the computer’s ability to simplify the tuning process but also to the new energy it provides. For example, the Fueltech VCU is used in this application to improve shift speeds and to ensure that the vehicle has a simple launch control sequence.

On multiple trips down the track, we see that both Dick and Dahm take advantage of that system by mashing both pedals at the same time before closing the brakes to start the run. In fact, the speed of this car may not be the most impressive bit about it. One thing is very clear every time you get off the Corvette track: this car has been skillfully tuned. No driver sees the wheel or has to work hard to pull the nose to the finish line.

The VCU is doing an outstanding job just as much as the power traction will allow and the supporting parts like the drivetrain and tires work in line with that goal. Not only can this car smoke the fastest Teslas but it can do it in the same no-drama style.

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