Rolls-Royce has unveiled its new Phantom Series II, which includes Bespoke

Rolls-Royce has released a new set of photos with the Phantom Series II, taken from the media presentation of the updated flagship French Rivera, called “Phantom Rendezvous”. The new shots let us take a closer look at the different trim options for the Phantom and the combinations including the Great British Phantom combined.

Design changes to the Phantom Series II include the slightly tweaked Pantheon Grill, which is now illuminated, and the headlights are limited to the laser-cut bezel Starlight. Thus, the most important change is that the additional personalization options give the eighth-generation Phantom a new look, which was originally introduced in 2017.

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In addition to the beautiful Phantom Plantino unveiled as part of Facelift, the company has demonstrated another special example, the Great British Phantom, designed for Rolls-Royce’s “more patriotic clients.” In our eyes, it looks sportier and closer than what a Black Edition would look like, although this trim is not available for the Phantom. The Great British Phantom brings new wheels, a magma red exterior shade and dark chrome accents on grills, bonnets, around windows, tailgates and exhaust pipes that were added as an alternative to popular demand. The model comes with a special symbol on the C-pillar and a combined art inspired by the Union flag in the Phantom Gallery located on the dashboard.

If you’re a loyal reader, you probably already know that we really like the new 22-inch disc wheel. We put them in the full Rolls-Royce range a few weeks ago, but they admit they look better because of the Phantom’s rich and impressive nature. Fortunately, the component of the press is filled with examples of disc-wheeled phantoms combining different exterior shades from an almost unlimited color palette. Personally, I like the black varnish finish displayed on the Black Phantom, although the standard polished stainless steel finish is also quite nice.

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All Phantom variants are powered by the same twin-turbo 6.75-liter V12 that produces 563 hp (420 kW / 571 PS) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. Driving the Phantom is not the most sporting experience there, but we guess our colleagues at the press enjoyed the magic carpet ride of the luxury sedan on the winding streets of the French Riviera.

The event took place at the Maybourne Rivera Hotel in Rockbrunn-Cap-Martin, giving photographers a great view of Monaco. The Cote d’Azur was chosen for the Rolls-Royce press drive not only because of the beautiful streets and the fact that it is full of Rolls-Royce clients, but also because of its connection to the history of the company by Sir Henry Royce. Winter in a villa in Le Canadale from 1912 until his death in 1933.

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