SCG’s new 008 is a $ 100k kit car that does not include an engine

Two years after its first announcement, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) has launched a new off-roader called the 008, a combination of the smooth look of the 004 race car with the power of the Baja Boot.

Importantly, the SCG 008 is not a car that you can order and collect from the factory. Instead, it will be sold exclusively as a kit car that the owners have to assemble themselves. The package includes most of the parts needed to keep the car alive but does not include the engine, gearbox, wheels or tires. Glickenhaus notes that it can sell 008 packages with wheels, tires and optional gearboxes but it cannot sell with a single engine.

The package includes a CNC curved and TIG welded carbon steel chassis complete with all the necessary tabs and brackets for steering, brakes, paddles, dashboards, seats, fuel cells, cooling systems and more. 008 also comes with independent front and rear suspension with TIG welded upper and lower control arms, trailing arms, fox cooler shock, ebach coil springs, a rear saw bar and rear bump stop.

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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus also designed a fiberglass body for the 008, as well as a complete fuel system with a 30-gallon fuel cell, pump, pressure regulator, filter, line and fitting, fuel neck and a fuel fill cap. A complete cooling system also comes with the package and includes an aluminum radiator, cooling fan, engine oil cooler, coolant expansion tank and plumbing line and fittings. Willwood brake calipers, master cylinders and pads are part of the package, such as a Howe 2.5 steering rack, steering tie rod, steering control valve, steering shaft and U-joint and all necessary mounting hardware.

All important electronics also comes standard. It includes a digital display, a full cable harness, keypad, horn, headlights, turn signal, taillights, cabin lights and a battery.

People who plan to build an SCG 008 and fit it with an engine of their choice can register it for road use in the United States as a “home built” vehicle, the company says.

The SCG 008 package has been officially launched in the guise of a founder and is priced at $ 99,995. Those who want to secure an allotment can deposit 1,000. Shipments for the first package will begin shortly after SCG’s participation in Baja 1000 in November.

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