Slightly higher than the previous-gen BMW 7-Series 22-inch Devil Wheels

The all-new BMW 7-Series, which premiered last month, grabbed all the attention, with tuner Cor.Speed ​​getting their hands on the previous generation 7-Series G11 from 2015, visually upgrading it with bigger wheels and a lower suspension.

The 7-Series is available with a number of rims but Cor.Speed’s aftermarket cannot compete with any stock alternative of any generation with 22-inch devil alloy wheels in terms of bling and road presence. The pre-Facelift 7-Series G11 (2015-2019) 10-spoke wheel looks unique with full filling of the treads and will definitely raise some eyebrows.

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The XL-sized wheels are assembled on a mixed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire, measuring 255 / 30R22 on the front and 295 / 25R22 on the rear. With such a low tire profile, we don’t want to drive this 7-Series on poor quality roads, as a small hole will probably feel like a ditch. In addition, the stock air suspension has been reduced, reducing the distance between the tire and the wheeler.

This setup would certainly look more suited to an outdoor supercar than a large luxury sedan, but the owner of this 7-Series in Croatia wanted to stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, the car does not have any bodykits or carbon-fiber add-ons, although it is unknown if it made any changes to the bottom of the bonnet for more power.

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