Some rare Japanese Hello cars are up for auction in the UK CCA summer sale

At the moment it is difficult to get a good deal on a used car but perhaps an investment would be a good buy The 2022 CCA Summer Sale will go through many special Japanese sports car auction blocks and they are special enough that if we had cash we would buy each of them. Here’s a rundown of what to expect on June 18th

The Warwickshire Event Center will host the event where these eight cars will play a starring role. The oldest of the lots is the 1984 R30 Nissan Skyline GT-Turbo with a classic two-tone paint finish with the original graphics package.

A new R34 Nissan Skyline GT-T is also ready to be caught and although it is not the famous GT-R that easily goes for six figures in the state, it comes in speckled silver which looks gorgeous. Still, we are nowhere near the end of this list.

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Two different Toyota Supras are available, each in A80 generation and each in twin-turbo trim. Both have a factory hood scoop which is a unique and attractive mode rarely seen in the state. The third Supra Turbo, this time since 1990, rounds out the trio with just 36,000 miles per hour. All three are in almost original condition, which is special in itself.

There are three more cars in the auction. It has only 27,000 miles from a 1990 Nissan 300ZX 2 + 2 new Then there‚Äôs a gorgeous subaru that could be my favorite on the show. As one of the group’s newest cars, this 1998 Impreza GT Turbo 555 AWD is incredibly rare, has 97,000 miles and is the perfect color for World Rally Blue. Already a Mazda RX-7 is probably one of the least desirable, though still rare, bunches. It is going to need to be rebuilt due to some serious aging reasons but it has been offered in a reserve so it could be a deal.

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