Spain’s Toyota GR86 has reportedly received an exclusive “circuit pack”

Despite being re-released in April 2021 and going on sale in the US in December of the same year, many European countries have recently started getting price details of Toyota GR 86, excluding small sports coupe deliveries. Spain is the latest of those countries, and their price structure for cars has revealed something quite interesting.

A report from Periodismo del Motor shows that the Spanish GR will get a special trim called the Circuit Pack starting at € 37,900 ($ 40,685). Like the trim of the GR Yaris and GR Corolla of the same name, the pack adds various mechanical improvements to the car, but no extra power. In the case of the GR 86 in particular, it includes the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, a uniquely designed 18-inch wheel for circuit packs, and racing brakes with new calipers and rotors. Additionally, the report claims that this trim for GR86 will only be available in the Spanish market.

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Note: UK-Market GR 86 illustrated

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There is also a প 35,400 ($ 37,999) touring pack. The trim features GR high-friction brake pads, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and regular 18-inch wheels. This pack, along with the Turing pack, is known to be in the state of both dealer-installed accessories, meaning that no matter how you order your GR 86, it will leave the factory and reach the dealership as a base RZ trim. As for the RZ, it starts at € 32,900 ($ 35,316) and is offered with only a manual transmission, fabric seats and 17-inch wheels for Michelin Primacy tires. All three trims will be available in the same three colors, such as Ignition Red, Crystal White Pearl and Crystal Black Silica, four less colors from US-Market 86.

Finally, the report noted that the initial allocation of GR 86s for Spain was limited to 100 units, only 500 ordered by 2024, after which production would cease. Order books will be open from mid-June to the end, with the first cars starting delivery in July.

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