Stalantis sees India as a significant growth market

Stellantis is keen to expand its presence in India and believes it will form an important part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.

The carmaker currently operates three manufacturing centers, an ICT hub, a software center and two research and development centers in India. The key to Stalantis’ growth plan in India is its locally developed smart car platform program that will allow it to launch vehicles smaller than four meters and lower taxes in the country.

Speaking about the company’s ambitions for India, chief executive Carlos Tavares said he expects the country’s revenue to more than double by 2030. Operating margins are also expected to double in the coming years.

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Stellantis has less than 1 percent share in the Indian car market but has established a strong local supply chain to make its smaller vehicles more affordable in recent years. In addition to manufacturing engines and transmissions locally, Stellantis dedicates more than 90 percent of the contents of its Indian-made vehicles from the country.

“We are committed to expanding and strengthening our presence in India, building this strategic country as a cornerstone of our global ambitions under the Dare Forward 2030 plan,” Tavares said in a recent statement. “I am proud of our 2,500 employees in India who are working every day as a significant contributor to Stalantis, providing clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions for its Indian customers and paving the way for the welfare of the next generation.”

The Jeep Wrangler, Compass, Meridian and Grand Cherokee are all manufactured in India, as is the Citroen C5. A new Citroen C3 will also be launched locally in the coming months and will be designed, developed and manufactured in India.

I’m talking Auto NewsTavares says the ongoing problems between China and Russia present a golden opportunity for India.

“The challenges … are giving India a great opportunity, even bigger than in the past,” Tavares said.

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