Starts accepting pre-orders for VW IDs. Prices range from buzz in the UK

VW ID. The Buzz is one of the most anticipated cars of the last few years, with its great throwback-style and electric powertrain even in small parts.

Pre-booking is now available for passenger minivans, which will allow potential buyers to reduce the প্রাক 2,000 pre-booking fee by securing a priority slot to specify their model in the two-week priority ordering window before making the order available. The general public.

ID. Buzz will launch with a unique 1st Edition model, priced at £ 62,995 (equivalent to US $ 78,645 at today’s exchange rate) and the standard production model lacks many special features, such as safety, full range of security, and convenience features, as well as Car2X technology. The rest of the range starts at £ 57,115 (71,304) £ 61,915 ($ 77,297) for strip-out life and style grade.

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All IDs. The Buzz models have the same electric powertrain, a rear-mounted electric motor with 229 lb-ft (310 Nm) of torque supplied by a 201 hp (204 PS / 150 kW) and 77kWh battery. The range on the WLTP bike for the passenger model is expected to be 424 km (261 miles), while the cargo body style has achieved a slightly higher range of 424 km (263 miles) for less mass.

As if Buzz hadn’t had enough fun with its hippie-pleasing styling, it would be available in 11 psychedelic colors with seven different wheel choices. The interior will be available in shades other than gray and black, making for almost unlimited personalization.

Adding to the environmental aspect of the van is the use of materials inside and out, such as recycled synthetic materials and a leather-free interior. Even battery housing and wheel rims are made of green aluminum and low-emission tires.

For now, pre-orders for cargo models are not available, only standard five-seater, and must be done with a dealer between May 30th and June 30th.


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